Charitable foundation "Holy Mother Teresa"

Our Children, Our Future

Charitable foundation "Holy Mother Teresa" is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 2015 in honor of Holy Mother Teresa


  • To aid sick children, orphans and elderly in financial, moral and spiritual capacities.


  • To raise funds locally and internationally for both surgical and pharmaceutical treatment of critically-ill children that are not covered by state budget.
  • To source for free medical assistance abroad, for children with rare health problems beyond the ability of local Doctors/ Specialists.
  • To get free or subsidized medical consultations as well as recommendations, to monitor the health status of chronically ill children awaiting help
  • To get free or subsidized medical check ups/follow ups on kids after operations and treatments.
  • To create more awareness on the urgent need to help these kids; to give if not financial, at least moral and physical support and care to the children as well as their Parents/Guardians/Wards.


  1. Social protection, social security and services, poverty alleviation;
  2. Guardianship and trusteeship, legal representation and legal assistance;
  3. Human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  4. Health care;
  5. Protection of flora and fauna;
  6. The development of international cooperation of Ukraine
  7. Sport and physical culture.

Here is an overview of the children for whom this charitable foundation was basically founded. Even with deteriorating health conditions, they are able to continue their long and waning struggle, hoping that one day they would emerge victorious. Some require urgent treatment overseas; some need to procure really expensive medicines; some want at least that feeling of care, love and companionship to name but a few.

Any minute delay however, is a big blow to their struggle. Please Come To Their Aid! So they too, would be able to experience and enjoy the true essence of staying healthy.

We Say A Big Thank You For All Your Help, Support and Care!


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