Sofia Siverska
Cristina Polishuk

Anastasia Yarosh

Born on May 11, 2003

The diagnosis: Ewing’s sarcoma (cancer) of humeral bone .

Fundraising completed!

13-years old Anastasiya Yarosh from Zhitomyr needs help. The girl was diagnosed with rare oncological illness – Ewing’s sarcoma. Despite of this terrible diagnosis the physicians promise recovery. But Nastia is faced with more than ten courses of chemotherapy and complicated surgeries. The girl’s mother brings her up alone and she cannot afford the expensive treatment and surgery. One necessary course of chemotherapy costs over twenty thousand hryvnas. The surgeons from Kyiev promise to make the operations free of charge but all the supplies cost nearly three hundred thousand hryvnas. Since her early childhood she has been ill with rheumatoid arthritis. Since last autumn she has been complaining of pains in her left arm. Both mother and physicians supposed this was the acute condition of her illness. But a month ago the girl herself noticed a tumor on her left shoulder. “One night when I was sleepless because of pain, I came up to the mirror and noticed a big tumor”, said the child. The diagnosis was made in the local Kyiev oncology centre. “They said it was sarcoma and that we didn’t have much time left. This is so awful that you can’t express it with your own words”, said mother Oksana Andriychuk. “The child is ill with such a rare disease – Ewing’s sarcoma. The tumor is not advanced” – emphasizes pediatrician-oncologist of local oncology centre in Kyiev, Vadim Kobys. Despite of her horrible diagnosis the physicians promise chances for full recovery to Nastia. The treatment will take at least a year. She will need to undergo 12 courses of chemotherapy and a surgery.

“I am planning to make her a surgery together with the micro-surgeon not to install the implant but to use the possibilities of the transplantation. She will be transplanted with the fibula”, the physician explained. He has already performed eleven such surgeries. Children are healed and don’t lose their extremities. But the treatment is very expensive and is a burden for the parents. “The problem is that we treat children from the whole Ukraine while only a part of them living in Kyiev are covered with finances from the state. The main cost is for the medicines of chemical therapy which are not available in our centre. The parents need to buy them on their own”, the oncologist explained. All the savings this family has already spent. “My parents are retired. I work but my salary is small. This sum is too big for me”, the girl’s mother admits. The delay in treatment due to the lack of money can result in the amputation of the left arm. That is why both the girl and her mother set their hopes on the help.  

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