Допомога в лікуванні Organizing surgeries and treatment in Ukraine and abroad.

If the treatment in Ukraine fell into desperate position, our foundation does our best to provide the necessary treatment for critically ill children abroad.

There are medical cases that Ukrainian doctors cannot cope. These are complicated surgeries, experimental treatments, the rare technologies of radiation therapy. Therefore, we spend significant money to assist in the treatment of children in hospitals of Israel, Germany, Switzerland, England, and other countries.

The employees of charitable foundation “Holy mother Teresa” also help in the searching of the clinics for children abroad.

Забезпечення хворих дітей ліками Our Foundation helps in the purchase of medicines, the purchase of which is not paid from the state budget. These are the most modern medicines. Typically, the medicines are rare and their price are high. Parents of critically ill children can't afford to purchase them.

Допомога сім’ям
Besides the illnesses people meet with a great number of troubles: poverty, the absence of normal living conditions, the cold and misunderstanding on the part of the official services - all this is very familiar to many people. In the context of this program the charitable foundation helps those who need not medical but social assistance: large families, victims of fires, the homeless, refugees and everybody who got into difficult life situation.

Шефство над дітьми Today the Ukrainian society is not ready to ensure that every child who was left without attention and parental care could find his home. But it is possible to make so that every child has found a friend not to feel lonely in this world. In August 2015, the charitable foundation "Holy mother Teresa" began the charitable project for orphans left without parental care.

What does the “personal patronage” mean? The personal patronage is a way of rendering help to the children at orphanages and boarding schools. Taking part in this project you can help a concrete child. Communication with people, care and support is the most important thing for children.

The participation in the project “The patronage of the children at orphanages” is a real chance to give care and support to a child, to take part in his fortune and also to make a child understand that he is needed.

Two steps of charity:

Choose a child in need ...

Donate in a way convenient for you ...

The charitable program "Happy 200.000 EURO" for children evacuated from the Luhansk and Donetsk regions (zones of the military actions) of Ukraine.

It is a known fact that there is no provision of Medical insurance in Ukraine. This is the sole reason parents and guardians have to singularly seek help and support one way or the other in event their children and wards fall sick with chronic diseases and/or disabilities.

In fairness to the resources made available by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the growing number of health cases has made their contributions unnoticeable. In addition, the military actions in Luhansk and Donetsk regions in Ukraine has made matters worse as it has left so many people internally displaced and families separated. This is the reason why the Charitable foundation foundation “Holy Mother Teresa” (www.holyteresa.org) has come up with this initiative of “Happy 200, 000 EUROS program" to source for donations, aid and support for these some of people with a major focus on children in need of medical check-ups, medical provisions and other necessities.

In the words of Svitlana Zadorozhna, one of the Volunteer Personnel of this program- "one euro or one dollar would not cost you your life, but it could make a huge, positive difference in the lifes of these poor kids in donation. Any effort towards the realization of this program will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your love and care!