Sofia Siverska

Zlata Saenko

Date of birth: 26th April, 2014

Location: Inhulets (Dnepropetrovsk region) Ukraine

Diagnosis: Bilateral neurosensory hearing loss (4th degree)

Fundraising completed!

Purpose: to fund surgical installment of cochlear implant home/abroad

Zlata lives in a small village- Inhulets in Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. This little girl has been suffering from a number of illness, and on top of that, she was recently diagnosed with a 4th-degree bilateral neurosensory hearing loss. How unfortunate for the poor, little girl....but you could help revive all her despairing hope of hearing through donations. Only a surgical installation of a cochlear implant is all that Zlata asks for; procuring such an implant goes for around 25,000 euros. 'We don't even have the means to obtain this implant by our own', says Zlata's Mother- Irina Saenko."Please, help my daughter! I beg you people of kind and caring hearts! Every single coin is useful to us," says Zlata's mum. We appreciate every single coin you could spare!

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